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Waterproof Repair & Installation Birmingham All our materials has be approved Nationally. We are fully trained approved contractors and supply and fit all roof systems. We use only high performance, waterproofing, providing a complete range of membranes for use in modern building and civil construction projects. This reliable roof waterproofing system has been in use … Read more

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Slate and Tiled Roof Repair

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Fixing natural slates or tiled roofs should only be carried out by competent roofers/slaters as it is a skilled craft and requires an experienced hand. We pride ourselves on finishing each and every roof to the highest standard possible a finished roof which is both weatherproof and aesthetically pleasing. Slate roofs have a long life … Read more

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Birmingham City Roofing is a leader in residential roof replacement. We offer the service of a strong local company with a solid history of installing quality roofs at competitive prices to all our clients. We have had many repeat clients and have strong relationships with all of them. If your roof has incurred damage from … Read more

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A standing seam metal roof is a premium roofing system. The standing seam metal roof will initially cost more than as asphalt shingle roofing system. However, an asphalt shingle roof will normally require two to three replacements throughout its lifetime. Metal roofs do not need replacement. There are several types of standing seam roofs. There … Read more